Best Electric Smokers Under 300

There is a growing trend of eating low-temperature cooked food prepared in an electric smoker. Aside from unique tastes, smoky cooking retains more nutrients of the food. As such, most of the modern day individuals love to savor smoke flavored foods. If you are one of these individuals, you may want to buy an electric smoker to enjoy lip licking delicacies. However, the market is filled with an array of electric smokers from medium to high end price range. In case you are a budget smoker shopper, take a look at the top electric smokers under $300 discussed below.  These best smokers under 300 for your backyard have been very well researched just for you!

Top Electric Smoker Under $300 Recommendations

ImageNameMore Info
Our Top Choice!Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D
#2 ChoiceSmoke Hollow 3616DEW
The Runners UpMasterbuilt 20070910
Masterbuilt 20071117
Best Electric Smokers Under 300 1Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-DBest Electric Smokers Under 300 2

These are the best barbecue smokers on the market for a good price!

Top < $300 Choice – Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D

Best Electric Smokers Under 300 3

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Take the traditional art of barbecue into your most modern backyard with the 30″ Bluetooth electric smoker offered by Dyna-Glo.

  • Using the Bluetooth connectivity of the smoker, you can set and monitor your cook time and temperature with the help of your tablet and Smartphone.
  • You can monitor and control the food’s temperature with the digitally controlled, integrated meat thermometer.
  • Once the desired smoker temperature is reached, it will turn off automatically without your intervention.
  • Ease of access and simplicity of process are the top features of this cutting edge smoker.
  • Sausage hooks and removable rig racks offer extra smoker cooking options to you.

Features and accessories

The best part of Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D is it is easy to use. Even an average person can use and cook top quality food within no time.

  • The product comes with a 4 chrome plated cooking grates. They offer a sum total of 732 square inches in cooking, allowing you to prepare larger meals for numerous people.

You can enjoy chatting with your friends and loved ones in the other room and control the temperature of  using Bluetooth connectivity and a tablet or Smartphone. It is durable enough to serve you longer. All you need to do is take little care and attention to keep the product in good working condition.

Definitely a great under $300 option!

Smoke Hollow 3616DEW – Electric Smoker

Best Electric Smokers Under 300 4

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The Smoke Hollow is a 36″ with 3cu. Its smoker cooking capacity can assist you in making a backyard barbeque a professional one by delivering lip licking, smoke flavored food results that you are looking for in your cookout.

  • The fully adjustable chrome plated grids allow you to add more smoke flavor to a range of foods, and this includes meats, poultry, cheeses, fish and even the veggies.
  • The digital electronically controlled 1500 watts electric heating source lets you find and pick the right smoking temperature range and smoke in various outdoor temperature environments all through the year.

Features and accessories

  • The product comes with a new electronic control LED display. This allows you to set time and temperature with a push on/off button within moments.
  • The tempered glass viewing window makes it pretty easy to see the results without needing to open the door.
  • The smoker parts are fairly easy to clean. With a damp cloth, you can wipe out any dirt and grime that might have left out on the machine.
  • The model and design of the product is alluring, and this adds to the persona of your kitchen as well as your individuality.

If you want to spend less than $300 on a top electric smoker, this is another great choice.

Masterbuilt 20070910

Best Electric Smokers Under 300 5

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Widely known for innovation and quality, Masterbuilt’s cooking products have set a new standard in the industry.

  • With a powder coated outer steel smoker body, the Masterbuilt comes with four racks that allow ample space for turkey sausage, ham, chicken, jerky, fish, veggies and lots more.
  • It is 100 degrees to 275 degrees Fahrenheit thermostatically controlled, giving you a perfect cooking temperature every time.
  • The machine has a precision digital control (with a push button) and a 0-24 hour timer (digital) with auto shut off.
  • With 100 percent insulation, the product ensures energy efficient cooking all the time.

Features and accessories

  • The Masterbuilt 20070910 features a 4 chrome coated racks.
  • 800 watts heating equipment to provide a cooking space of 732 square inches.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the product is pretty simple. Just follow the instruction manual to keep the machine in pristine condition.

Although the product is well made to last longer, it is likely that some parts of the machine may wear out due to one or the other reason. However, you don’t have to worry about these things. Like with any other Masterbuilt product, the smoker comes with a solid warranty. As such, you can have the product serviced in case something goes wrong within the warranty period.

Masterbuilt 20071117 Electric Smoker

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The Masterbuilt 20071117 is a 30″ electric smoker for backyard and outdoor cooking. The great thing about this product is it is ideal for beginners as well as pros. Once set properly, you can achieve competition-ready results in your backyard. Without the need of propane or charcoal, you are ready to cook smoke flavored foods of your preferences and enjoy great tastes every time. All you should do is plug it in and set the digital controls, and leave the rest of the task to the smoker. Within minutes, you will have delicious foods ready to serve and savor.

Features and accessories

  • The smoker features a 4 chrome plated smoking racks.
  • For better smoke control, the product has an adjustable air damper.
  • The patented side wood chip loading system lets you add wood without opening the door of the smoker.
  • The fully insulated body ensures energy efficient cooking in any given temperature.

Other important inclusion is the digital thermostat. It controls the temperature for consistent and even smoking. With the digital panel control, you can monitor and control the temperature and time as you like. Made to last longer, the product comes with a good warranty to serve you longer.

Our next option for best electric smoker under 300 dollars.

Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D Electric Smoker

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  • The Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D is a 30″ digital electrical smoker.
  • It offers a comfortable smoking experience with various innovative features that ease and simplify the whole cooking process.
  • The digital push button controls make it easy for you to set and monitor desired cooking temperature and time.
  • The meat thermometer (digitally controlled) displays the food’s internal temperature with the push of a button.
  • You can add wood chips with the wood chip loader (side access) with minimum heat and smoke loss.
  • With proper usage, you can enjoy a dynamic cooking experience outdoors with this fantastic smoker.

Features and accessories

  • The smoker is spacious enough to provide you with a cooking space of 732 square inches. Whether you want to cook food for a couple of individuals or a large family, it is ideal for cooking and servings of all levels and sizes.
  • The double wall, insulated firebox prevents any unfortunate events when cooking.

Also, it consumes less energy, and this means a lot of savings on your energy bills. The usage of controls and accessories is pretty easy. Simply follow the user manual, and you could cook some of the best (smoke-flavored) dishes you have ever wished.

Yet another great smoker for under $300.

What to look for In An Under $300 Electric Smoker

smokers under $300

Buying an electric based smoker has become more complicated than ever. Spending too much on a poor quality option or pit barrel cooker or spending less to own a less than desired product is not an option at all. Here are important tips that might help you in getting the right smoker.

Type of fuel

Electric smokers need fewer wood pieces for creating smoke and the rest of the chore is done by electric heaters. As such, it is a wise idea to check the kind of fuel the smoker uses. Never go for best smokers under that use too much wood or need extra charcoals. Instead, look for a product that consumes very less wood and charcoal.

Size matters

While some people support small smokers, others endorse larger ones. However, the truth is both the types have demerits. A too small option will not be able to cook enough quantity of food. On the other hand, large smokers will result in raw food in case you want to smoke small number of fish or ribs. So be sure to check the quantity of food a given can cook in a single batch in view of your specific requirements.

Check electronics, trays and racks

Since an electric smoker comes equipped with electric heaters and electronics to cook top class food in a short time, it is important that you pay attention to these accessories. For instance, make sure you consider smokers that use thermostats (as opposed to rheostats) for providing accurate temperature. Additionally, look for proper foiling above grills. Likewise, check the trays of the smokers you are considering. These small things will affect your cooking time and taste to a great extent.

Some other quick choices:

Smokers Under $300 Bottom line

best smokers under 300 for your backyard

Savoring tasty, smoky foods with high nutritional value is no more an issue, thanks to the availability of electric food smokers. With the choice of the right electric smoker, you are on your way to try your preferred cuisines. In case you lack info on high quality smokers, just take a look at the best electric smoker under 300 detailed above. Assess each of these products in view of their features, your budget and the tips on how to choose the best smokers under, and you could pick the top electric smokers under 300 for your backyard without investing much time.

Best Electric Smokers Under $300
Electric Smoker Under $300

We hope you enjoyed this top electric smokers under 300!