Best Gas Grills Under 300

Owing to the rich gas barbecues heritage in the Americas, gas grills have become a popular appliance in most people’s homes. Shopping for gas grills can be a hassle especially if you are on a budget. The Internet is littered with hundreds of reviews and consumer guides each seeming to promote certain products with multiple reasons to boot. Making the right decision ultimately depends on your requirements. If you are on a budget but still want to get your hands on a good grill here’s a list of some of the best gas grills under 300.  Check this best guide and ratings out and buy one today!

Top Gas Grills Under 300 Recommendations

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Best Gas Grills Under 300 1
Char-Broil Performance 300 Propane Grill
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2
#2 ChoiceBest Gas Grills Under 300 3
Dyna-Glo DGB390BNP-D Smart Space Living Burner
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2
The Runners Up
Best Gas Grills Under 300 5
Signature Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 325 Grill
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2
Best Gas Grills Under 300 7
Master Cook Professional 2-Burner
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2
Best Gas Grills Under 300 9
Fuego Element F21C Carbon Steel
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2
Best Gas Grills Under 300 11
Weber 54060001 Q2200
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2
Best Gas Grills Under 300 13
Megamaster 720-0982
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2
Best Gas Grills Under 300 15
Char-Broil Performance 475
Best Gas Grills Under 300 2

Martin Bistro Gas Grill Portable Stainless Steel Tabletop BBQ

Char-Broil Performance 300 Propane Grill

Best Gas Grills Under 300 17

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The char-broil performance 300 double banner gas grill boasts a plethora of sleek features designed to make grilling a breeze.

  • It sports two stainless steel top-ported burners that are built to last and can be adjusted easily to deliver the desired amount of heat. These burners are capable of emitting up to 24000 BTU of heat evenly across the primary 300 square inch cooking space.
  • The grates are made from cast iron which is rust resistance. They are also coated with porcelain which prevents food from sticking thus making cleaning easier.
  • The electronic ignition on this grill offers a fast and reliable startup with the push of a button.
  • The lid-mounted temperature gauge is meant to keep track of heat status while monitoring the inner temperature.
  • This model also features a removable grease pan for easy cleaning and replacement.
  • The Char-Broil is a cabinet style grill meaning it offers convenient storage options while keeping the propane tanks out of sight.
  • It also features two metal side shelves which offer additional work and prep space; the shelves can be folded down for storage when not in use.

All in all, the Char-Broil performance 300 is a capable griller for its price and guarantee great grilling for both friends and family.

Dyna-Glo DGB390BNP-D Smart Space Living Burner

Best Gas Grills Under 300 18

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The DGB390BNP-D Smart Space Living 3 Burner from Dyna-Glo offers a great combination of style, performance and efficiency.

  • Its 507 square inch cooking space is enough to meet most outdoor cooking needs.
  • Its burner features an electric pulse ignition which contains three dials used to customize the heat level to your liking.
  • With a total of 36000 BTUs, this grill generates ample cooking power.
  • It sports 3 enameled steel heat vents which distribute the heat evenly while protecting the burners.
  • The cast iron grates provide an extra 390 square inch of work and prep space. These porcelain-coated grates do a great job of retaining sear heat and are also easy to clean.
  • Its drop-down side tables with integrated towel bars and hooks provide a compact storage and make cooking convenient.

Its single door cabinet features a propane tank storage area as well as two interlocking and non-locking wheel casters which move the grill around when needed. It also sports a hood lid with an easy lift handle for opening and closing. Double wall lining is designed to retain as much heat as possible. The item has a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Signature Char-Broil TRU-Infrared 325 Grill

Best Gas Grills Under 300 19

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The TRU-Infrared 325 gas grill from Char-Broil is a compact solution for master grillers. It is the perfect choice for those looking to high performing gas grill to cook up dinner for friends and family.

  • Its total surface area of 445 square inches is more than adequate for juicy stakes, smoky chicken or even charred veggies.
  • It features two top stainless steel burners which churn out 18000 BTUs of grilling power. These 443 stainless steel burners can be adjusted to deliver the desired heat levels evenly across the cooking grate.
  • The cast iron grates are coated with porcelain to make for easy cleaning and durability. The signature 2 burner also features the char-broils electronic ignition system which can be activated by the push of a button.
  • Char-Broil’s infrared technology is designed to deliver heat directly to the food. Once lit up, this technology delivers heat faster and more evenly than other technologies.

Its 120 square-inch porcelain-coated rack is ideal for keeping your food warm. The folding shelves provide extra work space when needed and are easy to store. The lower cabinet offers additional storage space and houses the propane gas tank. There are 4 caster wheels beneath the cabinet for mobility. The item has a 1-year limited warranty on all parts.

Master Cook Professional 2-Burner

Best Gas Grills Under 300 20

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For people looking to take their grilling to the next level, the master cook professional 2 burner is your best bet.

  • This grill offers a high performance yet efficient grilling experience for both friends and family.
  • It features 2 stainless steel burners which deliver up to 32000 BTUs of searing heat.
  • It has a primary cooking area of 312 square inches which is adequate for grilling just about anything and a warming rack which measures 87.75 square inches.
  • This model has an integrated piezoelectric ignition set up for fast heating as well as a built-in stainless steel thermometer for temperature control.
  • It’s easy to read temperature gauge ensures food is grilled perfectly.
  • The cast-iron cooking grates are coated with porcelain for durability and maximum heat retention.
  • The black powder steel fold-down tables offer extra working space and are easy to store.
  • The grill is easy to assemble after purchase and features an open slot which is meant to house the propane tank.
  • However, the propane tank is not included in the items shipping package and has to be bought separately.

Fuego Element F21C Carbon Steel Gas Grill

Best Gas Grills Under 300 21

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Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a casual family dinner, the F21C carbon steel gas grill by Fuego allows you to put your grilling skills to the test.

  • This compact, stylish yet functional grill can handle just about any outdoor grilling.
  • This product has dimensions of 21 x 21 x 44 inches.
  • The enamel cast-iron grate offers a spacious 346 square inch of cooking space.
  • This model can achieve a heating temperature of 500F in just five minutes and is capable of reaching up to 600F.
  • The F21C is able to achieve this remarkable time to temperature performance largely due to its 21000 BTU/hr burner. It also has a push-button electronic ignition system.

This model has an easy to clean residue tray which collects runoff grease from the firebox and the diffuser panel. The 15lb cast iron grate is well balanced to eliminate hot spots and deliver perfect sear marks. The model has dual zone capabilities to allow for both direct fast and indirect slow grilling. The F21C steel gas grill features 21 -inch wide base and locking wheels for improved mobility and stability. The wheels have 14 fasteners which can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Best Gas Grills Under 300 22

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Choosing the right grill may not be really simple. You ought to pay attention to a lot of details in view of your grilling requirements to find the right piece of equipment. In case you wish to get away with this chore and pick the very best, try the Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill.


Restyled for future, the Weber Q 2200 features sleek styling and delivers the great performance you ever wanted. What is most promising about this grill is it adds a few more aesthetics that are funny as well as functional, including the ergonomic side handles, bigger grip handle and control knobs, robust front and rear cradles. Above all, a stainless steel burner is the assurance of durability and long lasting performances.


  • The unit comes fully assembled right out of the box. All you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes to set up the grill. Starting the best grill is really easy. Just turn on the electronic ignition and the burner is all set for grilling.
  • While you will find many portable grills, the Weber 54060001 Q2200 is far better than others due to its lightweight.
  • The cooking surface is capable of handling enough food for 8 to 10 individuals.


  • Some buyers have reported that they receive the unit in a damaged condition due to faulty packaging. Other than that, there are hardly any complaints about the product. In fact, it is one of the best grills available at the best price.

Bottom line

The Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill is a best unit for anyone who would like to grill savoring dishes outdoors. A well built body, modest price tag and amazing features for an easy grilling experience are some of the perks of buying this gas grill. Due to these reasons, many grilling enthusiasts use the Weber 54060001 Q2200 Grill to accomplish their grilling desires.

Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill

Best Gas Grills Under 300 23

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Are you looking for a top quality gas grill that comes with a reasonable price tag? If the answer is yes, take a look at the Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill. The below review will give you a brief idea why investing in this grilling system is a profitable option.


  • The Megamaster features five 10,000 BTUs burners (stainless steel) with a cooking space of 656 square inches.
  • Cast iron cooking grates (porcelain enameled) provide exceptional heat retention and transfer uniform heat to the food you are cooking.
  • The most striking inclusions that come with the unit are the flame tamers (porcelain enameled). They distribute even heat throughout the cooking area, while protecting the burners.
  • Besides this, the 13.5 inches shelves let you store enough supplies that you may need for cooking.
  • Other additions are a built-in thermometer, easy-to-read gauge and a warming rack.


  • The grill is sufficiently durable to last longer. No matter where you carry and use, the unit will stand the testing of time and weather to serve you better.
  • Also, you have adequate cooking space to serve a big family. Most importantly, you get to enjoy so many exceptional grilling benefits at a best price.


  • Some users report that the unit does not come with clear instructions. Such folks face difficulty in using the grill due to lack of instructions. However, you get usage pictures with the product that should resolve the issue if you pay proper attention.

Concluding words

A good quality grill such as the Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill goes a long way in cherishing tantalizing tastes of grilled foods. By expending a small sum, you can take your grilling tenure to a new level in your backyard space or outdoors. This is why the Megamaster 720-0982 grill is highly sought-after by the grilling community at large.

Char-Broil Performance 475

Best Gas Grills Under 300 24

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The Char-Broil Performance 475 is a 4-burner liquid propane gas grill that is mounted on a sturdy cart with handy features for easy use. There are two metal side shelves that provide convenient storage for your grilling essentials. The cart is designed with two legs with 7-inch wheels and 2 stationary legs to ensure portability and stability in one unit. The wheels make it a simple task to move the grill exactly where you need it. Whether it’s on the patio, pool deck or in the yard, this grill will make your next cookout something special.

The main cooking area features a large 475 square inch grill surface and 4 stainless steel top-ported burners that deliver 36,000 BTUs so you get the heat you need for proper grilling. The main cooking surface measures 25.6 inches wide by 18.5 inches deep, big enough to accommodate grilling for family sized meals. The cast iron grates are covered in an easy to maintain porcelain that helps keep food from sticking, but the porcelain coating also adds rust proof protection for added durability and years of excellent grilling performance. A helpful feature of this grill is the removable grease pan which makes cleanup a breeze. There’s also a swing-away rack that is porcelain coated and adds an additional 175 square inches of space for an expanded cooking area, it’s perfect for those times when you just need a bit more cooking surface.

The Char-Broil Performance 475 also has a 10,000 BTU side burner with a fold down lid that gives you extra prep space when the burner is not in use. The electronic ignition system makes it easy to fire up the grill with a simple push of a button. There’s even a handy temperature gauge mounted on the stainless-steel lid to make it easy to control the grilling temperature for perfect results.

Martin Bistro Gas Grill Portable Stainless Steel Tabletop BBQ

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If you are looking for an attractive grilling system that also gives you enough heating to cook a decent size meal for your family and guests, then Martin Bistro Gas Grill Portable Stainless Steel Tabletop BBQ can be a great choice that would perfectly fit the bill. Fitted with BTU stainless steel burners, this tabletop BBQ is powerful enough to give you sufficient heating to grill all the sandwiches, pizzas and burgers that you would be planning to cook for a small house party with your friends and family on a coming weekend at home.

This premium Portable Gas grill gives you 315 square inches of wide cooking surface for managing a lot more in a limited space. The stainless steel frame gives you the freedom to carry this grill for outdoor cooking as well. Fueled by gas, this grill also features a push & turn ignition mechanism for lighting the grill with relative ease. And the moment you push the button, this portable beauty heats up quickly to grill burgers, chicken, vegetables and more in no time at all.

With both BTU stainless steel burners delivering 10,000 BTU/hour each, a total of 20,000 BTUs delivered in a controlled environment give you the convenience of cooking at low or high temperature and adding versatility to your cooking. Fitted with a built-in thermometer, it also helps you monitor the cooking temperatures with ease according to the type of food you are cooking. Built-in side shelves that can slide in and out when needed and 2 plastic side shelves given for your convenience, make this portable grill a thing of joy for its owners.

Built with a high quality steel body and a high-temperature finish that helps in preventing rust, the Martin Bistro Gas Grill Portable Stainless Steel Tabletop BBQ gives you the joy of grilled cooking at home for a long period of time.

What to look for In A Grill

Before you purchase any gas drill it is important that you inspect the product quality. When it comes to gas drills, quality is determined by two major factors, the build quality and the durability of the materials used in its construction. Stainless steel is hands down the best material for a gas drill. Cast aluminum is the next best alternative for build material. However, gas drills from stainless steel tend to be quite expensive. As a result, some manufacturers might resort to using low-grade stainless steel which might not be of the required thickness. Buyers need to be extra careful during purchase to avoid buying fancy items with cheap parts.

The entire grill need not be made from high-grade stainless steel. However, the burners and the lid are just examples of key areas that should sport a stainless steel finish. Size is also another important factor to consider. After all, you want a grill that can prepare your best meals in the least time possible. Finally, you ought to consider other features such as the presence of side burners as well as storage space and mobility.

Best Propane Grill Under $300 Conclusion

gas grills under 300It is possible to find the top rated best gas grills under $300. However, you will have to be very careful not to select fancy items with poor build quality. However you need not look anywhere else, this review highlights some of the best gas grills under 300 to make your shopping for barbecues easy and convenient. While the grills on this list are unlikely to match the performance of high-end grills retailing for thousands of dollars, they offer great value for money. The goal here is to get your hands on a capable grill that will serve you and your family for many years to come.

We recommend that you don’t forget to buy a cover too!

Best Gas Grills Under $300
Gas Grill Under $300

We hope you enjoyed this top gas grills under 300!