Best Infrared Grills Under 300 Bucks

Infrared grills are quite unique and use heating elements that sear in the flavor of various meats and vegetables that people are becoming more fond of.

I put together a list of the best infrared grills under 300 dollars that I could find online and compared them head-to-head to see which ones were truly the top models in their class. Here’s what I found and what I believe to be the best of the best. Want to see a larger selection of infrared grills from Amazon?


The Best 2 Burner Infrared Gas Grill In The Lineup:

The first infrared grill (Char-Broil TRU Infrared Urban Gas Grill with Folding Side Shelves) had the most reviews by far, over 300 and counting and came in at around $240, which is quite a bit less than 300 but I thought it was the best grill for the category.

This urban style gas grill was designed to be extremely compact making it great for a small patio or deck. It features a 320 in.² infrared grilling and an additional 125 in.² secondary cooking area for convenience.

It comes equipped with useful side shelves that can be folded up when you aren’t using them making it even easier to store when you aren’t using it. The two stainless steel burners that come standard in this charbroil barbecue can yield of 20,000 BTU’s maximum.


 The Best Portable Infrared Gas Grill Under $300:

The next infrared barbecue didn’t have quite as many reviews but most of them were very positive and promising. The model I’m talking about is the Char-Broil 14601832 TRU Infrared Patio Bistro 360 Gas Grill.

This bistro style Char-Broil bbq has a very unique look to it, almost futuristic in appearance and I think the word “bistro” is quite appropriate for the design and a very suiting name.

While it is a gas grill that is smaller than most, it is still packed full of a lot of big features making it great for cooking, smoking, and grilling your meats and veggies. Some of these features include a 500 in.² cooking surface that comes equipped with a stainless steel great and additional warming rack.

The two wheels on the back allow you to tilt it and roll it around your patio very easily and you have the ability to add real wood chips or pallets directly onto the great for added flavor and extra robust.


 And The Best Infrared Gas Grill Under 300 Is…

The next infrared grill (Char-Broil 463270614 CB TRU Infrared 340 2 Burnr DF) is a stylish and modern piece of work and I especially like how the door looks and is different than the first model we looked at, even though they look almost identical.

This gas grill cart comes equipped with 2 burners, which have a maximum capacity to yield 20,000 BTUs and stainless steel cooking grates that can be adjusted to two different heights.

It also features a 340 square inche primary cooking space and 125 square inches of secondary cooking space, which is pretty close to the other models in the lineup. Its comes complete with a steel lid, doors, a handle, and a control panel.

Everything else on this charbroil grill is pretty standard besides the single door cabinet beneath the grill that has a stylish look to it, matching the overall aerodynamic design of the overall grill itself.


 How About The Best Outdoor Infrared Grill?

The last model I wanted to take a look at is the Char-Broil M340 IR Quantum Gas Grill, which has an elegant, modern and sophisticated look to it.

This classic gas grill features 2 burners and stainless steel cooking grates for easy cleaning and more control over your cooking heat. This charbroil barbecue grill offers a total of 465 square inches of grilling space that is divided into a 340 in.² main area and an extra 125 in.² secondary surface.

If you happen to be interested, you can convert it to a natural gas cooking system with the right conversion kit if you happen to be looking for a more fixed and permanent solution.


My overall thoughts about these infrared grills:

I couldn’t find a whole lot of infrared grills under $300 that really met the criteria I was looking for. To be honest, these four infrared grills I have listed barely made my list but I think these are in fact the best infrared grills under 300 bucks that had positive comments and enough features to be considered the top models in this particular category.

If you are looking for a better type of grill or maybe these just really didn’t do anything for you, then I would recommend checking out some of my other pages that list some higher-priced infrared grills, in order to see if maybe these would be a better fit for your needs.

I reviewed some of the best infrared grills under $500 and also took a look at models that ranged closer to $1000, which had some really cool features and were some of the neatest grills I’ve come across so far. So it’s worth checking out, whether you plan on buying one or not.


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