Best Grills Under $1000

If you are into bbqs and serious about the particular grill you use, then you’ll want to check out this page on the best grills under $1,000 because these are some of the top grills with all the features you could ever image built right in.

I split these bbqs into different categories and tried to find the top model for each category (gas, charcoal, etc.) to give you a better overall idea of whats out there and to keep the page as simple as possible. Check out a larger assortment of grills from Amazon here…


Best Natural Gas Grill Under 1000

The first grill I wanted to touch on is a natural gas model called the Weber Genesis E-330  Natural-Gas Grill, which comes in a propane model as well, if your interested in going that route. It had a ton of reviews (over 520 to be exact) and when you have that many reviews, the product really speaks for itself.

This natural gas grilling solution features 3 stainless steel burners and a 507 square inch cooking surface and 130 square inch warming tray for a combined total of 637 sq. inches.

Its heat control panels, also stainless steel, are easily accessible due to their convenient front-mounted control panel and each one has their own individual ignition system.

Each burner is individually controlled and the quality searing burner holds remarkable temperature control. Two large stainless steel tables flank the sides of the grill, allowing for maximum prep space to complement the cooking surface.

A porcelain shroud featuring a heat thermometer adorns the center of this grill, which also features a fuel-precision gauge.

Quick glance at a few different features:

  • Comes equipped with 507 in.² of grilling surface
  • Two large stainless steel work surfaces
  • The cast iron cooking grates come in a ceramic enamel coating
  • Includes porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars, like the ones found on Weber model grills
  • Has six hooks for utensil storage
  • Measures roughly 30 inches x 60 inches x 64.5 inches


 The Best Gas Grill Under 1000 Bucks (Propane):

The Weber Genesis S-330 is very similar to the first Weber we looked at but has a better propane model available (both models come with natural gas and/or propane hookups) and is a bit pricier too.

This Genesis model has three burners that are made up of stainless steel and they too have an independent ignitions starting system, like the first model we looked at and the same Flavorizer bars that catch drippings and smoke them back into the food.

Virtually everything is identical to the Weber E330, with a few very minor details that vary, like the color of the grill so if you like these style grills then I suggest you compare the two different models and their prices to see which model you like more.

Take a look at some of the cool features:

  • Comes with 3 burners that have their own individual ignition system
  • Stainless steel (Flavorizer bars) that trap juices and put them back into the food
  • A total of 6 utility hooks
  • All-around stainless steel housing and accessories with a built-in temp. gauge
  • Comes standard with 507 square inches of primary grilling area (130 square inch warming rack)


Best Pellet Grill Under 1000

Now, we come to the best pellet grill in the category and the winner is the… REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill, which had well over 150 reviews but almost a 100% rating too, which is very uncommon!.

Utilize the latest in grilling technology in your culinary ventures and stay efficient while you’re at it with the Rec Tec Pellet barbecue. This wood pellet grill features a computerized temperature controller and regulator which calibrates the unit to maintain a consistent temperature during an entire cooking period, a very unique feature, on top of a very efficient grill.

The temperature can range from 180 degrees to 500 degrees (F) in small increments that is controlled by a computer algorithm, to maintain full control of the heat and have the ability to adjust it on the fly.

This REC pellet grill has a total of 702 square inches (which measures roughly 19.5 inches x 36 inches) of grilling space to accommodate larger gatherings of guests.


The Best Built In Grill Under $1000

Maybe you have an outdoor kitchen and would prefer a built-in model instaed of a freestanding one, I got this covered too, I chose the Bull Outdoor Products Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head.

This drop-in propane grill combines class and functionality which culminates gracefully into a product anyone would be proud to display in their backyard, which is of course the overall goal for anyone looking at built-in bbqs. A true showcase piece and very capable bbq all in one unit.

With solid stainless steel grates and four sparkling porcelain-coated bar burners, this unit will surely be a centerpiece in any outdoor kitchen.

Piezo igniters on each valve ensure that each burner is started off gently and maintains a steady temperature, with minimal wiring resulting in less problems, over time. A firebox for flavorful smoked delights is featured alongside the burners and the grill itself provides a large 800 sq. inch cooking surface, which happens to be solid stainless steel.

A few specs on this built-in grill:

  • Measures approx. 24″ x 30″ x 21″
  • 800 sq. inches of total cooking space
  • Has four (15,000 BTU) burners
  • Propane powered model


Best Charcoal Grill Under $1000…

The next grill (Dome Infinity Series Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Smoker Grill) has a distinctive shape to its design and comes in many different colors: black, blue, copper, red and silver and is available in two different sizes: large and extra-large, having variety is always good…

The prices will vary depending on the color you choose and the size ( extra-large runs about $1100 on average ) but for this example I’m going to stick with the large models in order to accommodate the thousand dollar mark.

With this infinity series charcoal grill you can expect to see 255 in.² of grilling surface that takes roughly 10 min. to warm up, which is quite fast when it comes to heating up briquettes.

A few really neat features of this Kamado Grill:

  • 55 square inches of grilling surface
  • Holds in heat due to ceramic parts
  • Comes equipped with stainless steel accessories
  • Measures roughly 26″ by 24″ by 38 inches
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


Best 4 Burner Gas Grill Under 1000 Dollars:

I wanted to find a 4-burner grill but none of them had any reviews that I could make a good comparison of so I decided to go with the Dyna-Glo Black & Stainless Premium Grills (5 Burner model). It has five burners instead of four and is about $600 in price so it is well under $1000 and is best suited for this particular category, in my opinion.

It is available in either a propane or natural gas model and has over 300 reviews on Amazon, with an average of four stars so I know it is reliable and people for the most part are happy with their purchase.

Each burner has the capacity to pump out 11,000 BTUs giving it a total of 55,000 BTUs when all five of the burners are ignited and has an optional side burner that is capable of pumping out 12,000 BTUs of its own.

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