Best Gas Grills Under $500

This was a fun list to put together because a lot of the gas grills that are around the $500 mark have tons of features, plenty of extra options and look really cool all at the same time.

Once again, here is, yet another one of my lists: the best gas grills under $500 but I must say I did have a lot of fun on this one and even found the next grill I’m going to buy myself, so I guess it wasn’t really all that bad. Check out a lot more of the phenomenal grills Amazon has to offer by clicking here…


 Best Rated Gas Grill Under $500

The first gas grill we are going to look at is the Weber 46510001 Spirit E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill. This Weber grill had, by far the most reviews and feedback out of any other gas model that made this list, over 800 in all!

One thing to keep in mind though is that this gas grill comes in four different models that range from having two or three burners and an optional side burner, so the reviews would fall under this particular model as a whole new matter which sub-model you bought. The prices for each model with the varying features are also priced very differently, so make sure you check out the different prices before you order one that you like, to be sure that it is a fair price and what you really want.

The model we are going to look at is a three burner model with no side burner attachment because it is just at the $500 mark. If you are thinking about an optional side-burner or maybe a two burner model be sure to look at the price, like I stated above, they all vary greatly.

It is capable of producing 32,000 BTUs per hour across all three burners. A total of 530 in.² of cooking area is broken up between the main cooking area, which comes in at about 424 in.² and a warming rack that takes up about 105 in.². You’re able to choose between black and stainless steel (which is only available in the two burner model).


 The Best Infrared Gas Grill Under 500 Dollars…

The next gas grill on the list is the Char Broil K6B 6-Burner 65,000 BTU Propane Gas Grill, with sideburner attachment. This is a much larger unit than the Weber we looked at prior and has different capabilities as well.

This propane gas grill comes equipped with a side burner, which is standard and not considered an extra. It features a total of six burners in addition to the side burner that are capable of pushing out 65,000 BTUs and has a dedicated searing burner.

You get 900 square inches of cooking space to work with in total, 650 making up the primary cooking area and the other 250 in.² they can be found in the swing out warming rack. It features a durable stainless steel lid, a handle, and doors in the front.


The Best Propane Gas Grill Under 500 Bucks (In My Opinion):

Making our way down the list, we come to the Dyna-Glo DGE Series Propane Grill, which is available in either a four or five burner model and comes in bronze, stainless steel or a gunmetal finish. Like the other models, the prices range dramatically depending on the burner set up and color you choose.

We will be looking at the five burner model, just so we’re clear but the specs on either model are quite impressive. Each of the five stainless steel burners can produce up to 10,000 BTUs a piece in the side burner is capable of 12,000 BTUs.

This Dyna Glo gas grill has a whopping 708 in.² of cooking space that is accessorized by a three-piece stainless steel cooking grate. It also comes with some of the standard features that you would find in any gas grills such as a temperature gauge, electronic ignition and a full storage cart.


The Best Outdoor Gas Grill Under $500

The next gas barbecue grill (Broil King 945354 Crown 20 Liquid Propane Gas Grill) didn’t have as many reviews as the other grills but Broil King does have a good reputation among consumers and has enough features to compete in this category.

It provides a total of 635 inches of cooking space overall, 400 in.² the take-up the primary cooking area and 235 that are dedicated to the warming rack.

This Broil King gas barbecue is capable of producing 40,000 BTUs from its patented super eight infinity burner system, which basically covers the entire bottom of the grill so that there are no cold or hot spots while you are cooking. A cool feature and one of the companies proudest accomplishments.

This broil King comes with three removable grates that are made out of durable cast iron and help disperse the heat more evenly amongst the food. This particular broil King model is available in both propane and natural gas applications, something to think about if you want to go with either option for whatever reason.


Best Gas BBQ Grill Under $500 (Another Choice)

The last grill to make the list is a Dyna-Glo DGP350NP-D Smart Space Living Two-Burner LP Gas Grill. It’s a Dyna-Glo DGP350NP-D Smart Space Living Two-Burner LP Gas Grilldiscontinued model but can compete with the other grills in this category and is the lowest priced barbecue out of all of them as well, so I thought it was worth mentioning and one that many people would consider themselves.

This Dyna Glo grill has to burners that are capable of dishing out 15,000 BTUs each, for grand total of 30,000 BTUs. Given expect to see 467 in.² of cooking surface that are broken up into a main area (350 square inches) and a secondary warming area (117 square inches).

This particular Dyna-Glo bbq has two removable grates that are also made from cast iron, like many of the other models listed and are easy to clean and help sear in the flavor of the natural juices. You really can’t go wrong with cast iron.


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