Best Gas Grills Under $1000

I was on a mission to find some of the higher and gas grills and found a few that really set themselves apart from the rest of the barbecues in their category.

So, this is essentially a list of the best gas grills under 1000 dollars that have decent ratings, are made by top manufacturers and have both standard features and extra features that one couldn’t find on mid grade barbecues. Want to see a larger selection of grills like these ones?


Best Natural Gas Grill For Under 1000 Dollars:

The first model (Weber Genesis 6670001 S-330 Stainless-Steel 637-Square-Inch 38,000-BTU Natural-Gas Grill) is one of the best grills in this category and happens to come in a natural gas and liquid propane model and has some of the best ratings out of all of the grills on the list.

This stainless steel natural-gas grill comes equipped with 637 square inches of total cooking space, divided up between a 507 in.² main area plus an additional 130 in.² warming rack.

It comes equipped with a font mounted control panel and three different burners that each have their own individual electronic ignition system and has locking rear caster wheels and swiveling front ones, making it easy to move around. It also comes with the standard accessories like a thermometer, flavorizer bars, etc..


A Unique Acorn Shaped Grill:

The next gas grill on the list is the “Vision Grills” Pro Kamado Barbecue Bundle Grill and has a unique shape to it and a few cool features as well This Kamado style grill is perfect if you are looking for a grill that is a little less traditional.

It comes with an anti-flip cart, so you do not have to worry about it tipping over while you are cooking. With this particular grill, you are able to adjust the temperature from 200°F all the way up to 700°F and it will make the adjustment and a matter of minutes.

Part of the success of this Kamado grill is due to the fact that it has very thick ceramic walls that hold in the heat really well and because of its design, the flames and smoke are able to travel throughout the barbecue with ease and provide a pretty hot and even dispersion.


Best 4 Burner Gas Grill Under 1000…

The third grill on the list is the Broil King Regal 490 Pro Natural Gas Grill that has a Side Burner, as well as a rear rotisserie attachment. I couldn’t find any reviews on Amazon for this broil King but did find some on another site and they were all fairly good reviews.

This natural gas grill comes equipped with a rear rotisserie and a side burner, allowing it to become the ultimate cooking machine. It features a silver stainless steel hood panel with an epoxy painted black base and cabinet that are attached to four rolling casters.

You will get 695 square inches of cooking space to work with that is divided up among a main area (500 square inches) and a secondary one (195 square inches). This uses four burners that are made out of stainless steel and also uses stainless steel cooking grids.


The Last Grill On The List…

The last grill in the lineup is the Phoenix Grill that is a beautiful stainless steel metal housing and is another model that breaks out of the traditional design barriers when it comes to typical gas barbecues.

This Phoenix Grill is pretty versatile when it comes to the different cooking options which include grilling, slow cooking and steaming. You’re able to control the two different zones of this grill (left and right) which is a pretty cool feature and can come in very handy.

This Pheonix BBQ is capable of pumping out around 25,000 BTUs of heat and has adjustable burners that range from 250° all the way up to 500° and you can expect to see around 400 square inches of primary cooking space, more than enough for most folks these days.


My concluding thoughts:

After looking at several different grills at or under $1000 I narrowed it down to the four best models which we just reviewed. A couple of them are pretty unique, not only in their overall design but the features they offer are quite different than what you would expect to see from a traditional gas grill.

I really liked all of these grills and believe that serious backyard enthusiasts should invest in one of these models if they take grilling seriously and want more features than their standard bbq has to offer. If these are little bit too pricey for you, then I would recommend looking at some other barbecue grills around the $500 mark or even the various models priced around $200 if you’re on a budget but still want something that will get the job done.


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