Best Electric Smokers Under $200

Best Electric Smokers Under $200

I have been smoking foods for many years now and love when summertime comes around so I can get out all of my tools and my favorite foods. I do tons of cheeses, meats and various other items all the time in the summertime but I was wondering if I could fill in the gap and get a little bit more smoking done during the off-season.

Source started looking at electric smokers and found many online and decided to make a list on the best electric smokers under $200 to offer a quick comparison of each model and figure out which ones are truly the top models in their class. Want to see a huge list of smoker grills?


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The first electric smoker we are going to have a look at is the Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, which comes in a 30 inch model and a 40 inch model. It also has different options that include digital controls with or without a window, front mounted controller, topmounted controller etc. and they all vary in price.

I chose to go with a digital configuration that has no window and a topmounted controller because it fit the price range and was a great find at the same time. This little unit has a 730 in.² capacity that comes equipped with four chrome racks and uses an 800 W heating element.

The digital readout will show you temperature and timer controls and the thermostat temperature can be adjusted from 100°F to 275° for it which will come in handy for smoking various cheeses and meats.


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The next smoker has a distinct shape to it (barrel shaped) and has over 100 reviews and the most astonishing part is that it averages out to about 90 something percent of reviewers giving the  Old Smokey Electric Smoker 4 or 5 star reviews. That is a huge selling point for me and something that should be taken into consideration.

The color of the smoker is a grayish tone, kind of like an aluminum finish but not a high-gloss one and it measures roughly 15 1/2 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches in diameter by 29 inches high, which is perfect and makes it easy to take just about anywhere. The flat top is somewhat of a feature, even if it wasn’t made for its intended purpose but it allows the juices drip right back onto the food, infusing them back in.

This smoker uses a chip tray that is mounted on top of the internal heating element so when you put the chips in and in the end, this is how it is able to smoke so well. A heat thermostat is basically the controller for this particular smoker that allows you to implement a variety of different cooking styles and times to match your needs.


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The next electric smoker under 200 dollars Cajun Injector Black Electric Smoker which is a few really cool features integrated into it that make smoking enjoyable. It is able to provide a continuous temperature between 100°F to 275°F and automatically shuts off by itself.

Inside you will find five different smoking racks that are chrome plated and a side access wood pellet chute where you can add more woodchips without disturbing the smoking process. It is very well insulated and is relatively energy-efficient at the same time. The front legs are adjustable and in the rear you will find two wheels that allow you to roll around which is way better than trying to carry it.

This Cajun smoker comes with digital controls, if you happen to like that kind of thing and a meat probe temperature display button that essentially tells you how cooked or not cooked your meat is.


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The third smoker (Smokehouse Products Big Chief Front Load Smoker) is quite unique and has some fairly good reviews on Amazon. It is a frontloading unit which means the door opens from the front and even comes with a small bag of woodchips to help you get started right when you get it.

The heating element in this particular smoker is not adjustable and simply operates at one specific temperature, around 165°F. It comes equipped with five different sliding grills that are chrome plated and has a drip pan located at the bottom of the unit to ensure that the heating element stays protected throughout the smoking process.

This smokehouse smoker is made from aluminum and is recommended that you only use it outdoors due to safety precautions and smoke inhalation.


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Last on the list, but definitely not least is the Char-Broil Electric Vertical Smoker which is roughly about 30 inches high and comes with a 504 in.² cast-iron cooking grate. This model only has three different rates that you can utilize but has a 1500 W heating element which is very powerful and provides more than enough smoke just about any food you can think of.

It does come with a woodchip/water pan, as well as a porcelain ash pan for convenience and quick cleaning. This charbroil smoker is also well insulated like most of the other models listed here and is constructed with double walls that provide a more even temperature throughout the smoking process.

This smoker had a decent amount reviews (over 85 in total) and most of them were fairly good but I chose this unit mainly because of the $130 price tag because I know there are some folks out there that would like a decent smoker for much less than $200.


Last thoughts on electric smokers under $200:

I really liked all of the models I listed here and really have a hard time deciding which one is truly the best electric smoker under $200. They all have their pros and cons, just like anything and I guess what really comes down to is the size of the unit and how many shelves they come equipped with. These are really the only two things that will determine which one will work best for your needs.

I do have a couple of other posts that talk a little bit about other electric smokers but they are a little bit more money and have a lot more functionality and are quite a bit larger than these units listed here. If you’re interested in hearing more about these other electric smokers then check out my pages for the best smokers under $500, the best smokers under $400 and the best smokers under 300.


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