Best Charcoal Grill Under $200

I love the taste of food that has been cooked with briquets on a charcoal barbecue much more than a gas grill (hugely debatable, I know).  It almost seems like it has a smokier flavor to it and the anticipation of getting to eat the food itself seems much more exciting.

Charcoal grills range in price and come with different features, so I put together this list, trying to find the best charcoal grill under 200 dollars that I could find and stumbled across a few that deserve the title, lets see what I found… Want to see more grills like these?


The Best Weber Charcoal Grill For The Money Is:

The first model is made by a trusted bbq manufacturer and is called the Weber 14401001 Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, which is an famous grill and one that most people can relate to, especially when it comes to cooking with briquets/charcoal.

This heavy duty premium charcoal grill is 22 inches in size. It comes equipped with a porcelain-enamel lid and bowl which make it durable, long-lasting and prevents rust and corrosion from forming and spreading across the metal.

The hinged cooking grate and high-capacity ash catcher make grilling more convenient and hassle-free with this Weber bbq. The lid even comes complete with a built-in thermometer and this Weber grill comes in three different colors to match your decor: green, black and copper (offered at no additional price, might I add).


 The Best Charcoal/Smoker Under $200 Bucks:

The next grill on the list, under the 200 dollar mark, is the Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal grill with Offset Smoker and it had over 150 reviews and going strong.

It has an offset charcoal box that makes tending and maintaining a good cooking temperature easier and more even throughout the cooking process. There is also a removable ash tray below the charcoal box that can be emptied very easily without disturbing the coals/wood that you have burning.

Inside the main box you will find 6 racks that can hold approximately 25 lbs. each and are adjustable to accommodate larger items and/or smaller ones as well. There is a total of 784 square inches of cooking/smoking space inside the main box, which also has its own door (seperate from the charcoal box) making it very accommodating.

A few quick features of this Dyna-Glo:

  • Uses an offset charcoal box design for maximum efficiency and smokiness
  • Comes with 6 cooking grates (adjustable)
  • Equipped with 784 square inches of space that can accommodate 100 lbs. of food
  • Two separate doors make adding charcoal/wood easy and reduces loss of heat
  • Uses heavy duty steel with enamel coating for longevity and to prevent rust from forming


 A Very Cool Park-Style Grill:

The third grill I wanted to talk about is a unique one that many folks may be familiar with and it’s the Guide Gear Heavy-duty Park-style Grill, which mimics the grills you see at public parks!

Everything about this park style grill resembles the real deal, the 1/16″ steel that they’re made out of and the famous adjustable grate, with four different heights to match the heat of the coals with the food your cooking. They are exact replicas of the bbqs you see at your park, down to the last detail.

This bbq stands about 50″ from the ground and does require that concrete be used at the bottom for a more secure installation, not necessary but highly recommended. These come in two different sizes which basically isn’t much of a difference, besides a little more surface area for cooking and a few bucks.

Cool features worth mentioning:

  • Uses 1/16″ metal construction, identical to the ones at your local park
  • Features a 4-level (adjustable) grate
  • Stands approx. fifty inches from the ground
  • Comes in two different sizes (large or xl grate)
  • Provides 256 sq. inches of grill surface


 The Char-Broil 800 Series Grill:

The last model on the list is the Char-Broil American Gourmet 800 Series Charcoal Grill which comes in three different models: the 800 (the one I reviewed), the 600 and the 300 and all range in price from roughly $70 and up and each one has unique features but the 800 model is the top of the line.

This Char-Broil 800 grill features a grand total of 840 square inches of cooking space, the main cooking area taking up about 570 sq. inches of this and the rest available on a chrome plated swing away rack, or warming rack whatever you like to call it.

It comes complete with an adjustable fire grate, a  built-in temperature gauge mounted on the front, a full front mounted shelf, 3 accessory hooks and two side shelves for added convenience and storage.


Quick list of features:

  • A total of 840 sq. inches of grilling surface
  • 568 sq. in. of cooking surface for main grill and 272 sq. in. on secondary surface
  • Has multiple dampeners and an adjustable grate for full control of heat
  • Comes with a temp, gauge built right in
  • Has a front shelf, side shelves (that fold), three hooks for tools and a bottom wire rack for storage


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